Helping Your Man Through Erectile Dysfunction


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Most people think that erectile dysfunction is all about men, but it isn’t because it directly affects women too. Okay, women can’t experience ED because it’s anatomically impossible. But, women do have to put up with the side-effects like a decrease in their sex life or their partner feeling depressed. No woman wants to see their man having to deal with ED for the sake of their health and your relationship. So, it is time to hold their hand and guide them through the process. Here’s how you can help get them back on track.

Be Supportive

The reason erectile dysfunction affects men is because of women. They think that they are less of a man or insignificant because they can’t perform their role in the bedroom. As such, you need to tell them that isn’t an issue. Obviously, good sex is a major part of any relationship. But, they should understand that you love them for more than their penis. Plus, they will benefit from knowing that you can tackle the issue together. It is always easier to fight when you are not fighting alone.

Do Your Research

You know what men are like – they hear bad news and wallow in self-pity. Luckily, they have an amazing and proactive lady by their side. Instead of letting them feel sorry for themselves, help them find a solution. A simple Google search will provide with information on a ton of erectile dysfunction drugs that could solve their problem. All you have to do then is figure out which ones are the most suitable.


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Go To The Doctor

It is one thing for a man to admit to their partner that they have ED, but it is another to tell their GP. The obvious problem with this is that the doctor is the one person that can help fix the problem. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can offer a range of tips and advice on the subject. Plus, the can answer any questions that you might need answering. Book a doctor’s appointment for them and tell them that they have to go. By all means, go them with for moral support if they need it, but make sure they keep their appointment.

Remind Him Of His Options

Sometimes, the first course of treatment doesn’t work. That is normal because everyone reacts to treatments in different ways. It might be that he needs a different course of action that the one he is using. He, on the other hand, will think that nothing will work and his life is over. Drama queen! Just let him know that there are several different options that he can try and one of them will work in the end.

Mix It Up In The Bedroom

The bedroom is where he is going to feel most self-conscious. Obviously, you can’t carry on like before, so you need to try new things. If you can find alternative ways to give and receive pleasure, his ED won’t be a major issue.


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It is true what they say – behind every great man is a great woman.